Hey there. My name is Brittany. Crazy meeting you here ;)

Fun Fact: I love to travel. But traveling can make staying healthy difficult – trust me!

Maybe like you, I was stuck for some time with improving my health. 

We all know it’s no easy feat– being healthy. And no one is perfect, despite what their Instagram profiles may portray. But I wanted more.

My story doesn’t have a dramatic diagnosis or life-altering path, but I have had my ups and downs that have led me to where I am now. I am in my 30s, and my metabolism started to catch up with my bad decisions years prior. I was living a pretty healthy life in my eyes, but it wasn’t until I did my own research that I started to learn about the natural lifestyle I would need to convert to in order to achieve the life I wanted.

Honestly, my goals were simple. I wanted to have great sleep, wake up ready to seize the day, and have glowing skin. And at the age of 26, I was no closer to those goals. I was living in a world filled with toxins, preservatives, hidden sugar, alcohol consumption, and low nutrition – and unfortunately, the list of toxins that threatened my health was growing bigger every day.

After running tests and more research on myself, I learned that I had a lot of issues that for most will never be resolved with our western idea of medicine. I had hidden copper toxicity, adrenal fatigue, parasites, and hypothyroid – some of these being root causes my primary care doctors never diagnosed me with. 

Luckily for me once I started the process of avoiding environmental toxins and removing the toxins from my body I had already been exposed to, my health began to change for the better. Honestly, I don’t jump out of bed every morning yet but I wake up and feel better than I did in my twenties.

The past several years of having to find real answers have only taught me that the information about natural living is all but easy to find unless you go to the internet. This time and frustration I built up only made me more passionate about sharing my journey with the world – even as embarrassing as it may be to talk about these things.

That’s where Sick of Being Stuck comes in.

I’ve been learning to handle this #healthyliving thing bit by bit, and I’m here to shed some light on how you can, too. The goal of this website is to help you live your best life by surrounding yourself with the right tools and knowledge to keep your home and family safe for the long haul.

Sick of Being Stuck will help you by providing unbiased and research-backed information about how to properly detox your body from toxins, safe but strong natural remedies, and detox recipes and tips. As I keep learning, I want you to reap the benefits. Almost everything I write is about something I have had to go through and experience myself. In doing that, I have plenty of tips on how to do it and the most effective steps and supplements.

In short – I started this blog to show others that the struggle bus is a stinky, but entertaining ride. And eventually, we will all get to the same healthy destination, except with some fun along the way.

Come away with me on the magic health struggle bus! Let’s get unstuck together.