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Red light therapy has gained popularity after being adopted by the wellness and beauty industry for its healing and skin enhancement benefits. The red LEDs stimulate some processes under the skin, which result in multiple benefits for the user.

With an increasing demand for red light therapy, several handheld light therapy devices have been launched, making the whole process easier for the users.

Not only do you save time with these handheld devices, but you also save yourself from a lot of hassle involved in booking the appointment, reaching the light therapy center, and maneuvering your way through the traffic.

Keep reading if you are looking for the best handheld LED light therapy device.

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How to Choose a Red Light Therapy Device

The best handheld LED light therapy device should be judged on the following criteria set for handheld led lights.

  • Energy Efficient – From the list of available handheld led devices, choosing the one that is energy efficient should be considered. Red LED lights use a lot of energy, and even small differences in energy consumption can make a huge difference in your bill.
  • Ease of Use – You are buying the handheld device for your convenience. If the one you end up buying is a complex machine, this product’s whole purpose is undermined. Ensure that the device you’re buying is comfortable to operate, and you can easily handle it for a long time.
  • Surface Area of Treatment – Checking the surface area the device can treat is an important thing to consider. If you’re aiming at targeting the lower back or belly fat, you need something that covers a larger surface area.
  • Durability – Being thrifty is good but do not compromise on the quality of material used in manufacturing. A quality handheld light therapy device should last for multiple years (depending on your usage).
  • Red Light Intensity – Higher the intensity (Wattage) of the red light, the lesser time you need to expose yourself to the light. With lights higher than 60 watts, you need only a couple of minutes of exposure to the light. Watts lower than that, i.e., 12W require you to use the device for a longer time.

The best handheld LED light therapy device out there is the one that fits your criteria. However, the above-mentioned factors should be a part of your assessment.  If you don’t feel like looking over all of the details of every handheld red light therapy device, then I suggest my favorite below.

ReVive Light Therapy – dpl Nuve Red Light

dpl Nuve is an FDA-approved and OTC class II medical device used for red light therapy. From professional athletes to health-conscious individuals, everyone can have it since it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

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This handheld light therapy device is designed perfectly to fit in your hand and can target all areas of the body, especially the face. With only 14 minutes of usage a day, you can see the difference in your skin glow.

Not only does your skin starts to look better, but it feels better. Any wounds or scars would also heal faster. Why else would it be categorized as the best handheld LED light therapy device?

dpl Nuve Light Therapy Features

dpl Nuve is the best handheld LED light therapy device due to its amazing features, and it’s pain relief features make it a well sought-after product.

  • The product is FDA cleared, so you can use it with ease of mind.
  • Professional athletes and sportsmen use the medical-grade pain treatment of dpl Nuve.
  • The red light accelerates the healing process, reduces inflammation, and promotes blood circulation in the targeted area.
  • Cures joint pain and stiff muscles due to Arthritis and other such diseases.
  • A safe and natural solution for pain relief with no side effects
  • Sore spots all around the body can be targeted as dpl Nuve is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The red light therapy is safe for all skin types, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

The pain relief features of dpl Nuve and its ability to work on targeted areas make it the best handheld LED light therapy device.

dpl Light Therapy Benefits

Handheld light therapy devices have multiple skin-related benefits as well. The improved blood circulation stimulates multiple healing mechanisms, which show their effect on the skin.

  • Red light therapy can effectively heal skin-related diseases like Rosacea. With only a few minutes of use, you can get clearer skin and an even skin tone.
  • The collagen production is stimulated by red light, which makes your skin look younger. Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines is observed if you use it consistently.
  • Only infrared lights are used; therefore, there are no harmful side effects of the therapy.
  • After using led therapy for a few weeks, you will notice a glow and improved skin texture. Not only does it make you look younger, but it also evens out your skin tone. Loaded with features and utility, dpl Nuve proves itself as the best handheld LED light therapy device in the market.

How to use dpl Light Therapy?

  • Choose 15 minutes from your day when no one would disturb you, and you can use the handheld light therapy device without any obstruction.
  • Hold the device a quarter an inch away from your target area and do not wave or move it at all. Keep the device still for at least 14 minutes.
  • You may use a clock to track time.
  • Move the device to the next area once you’re done with a 14-minute session on one area.
  • Two 14 minute sessions per day are recommended.
  • Consistent use will show the best results.

Even the best handheld LED light therapy devices need to be used in the right way for the best results. Read, understand, and use the device in that way.

Which Light Therapy Right for Me?

There is more than one color for led light therapy, and all of them have different benefits. Which color makes the best handheld LED light therapy device? Well, this section will guide you on colors, and the others will give you enough information to decide about the best handheld LED light therapy device for you.

  • Red – It is the best choice for you if you want healthy-looking skin as it rejuvenates the skin cells. Red light having a longer wavelength penetrates deep into the skin. If you are looking for more than just skin and youth benefits, then I would still recommend red light therapy as it give more overall well-being benefits.
  • Blue – Blue light has antibacterial effects, which are best for use against acne. Consistent use of blue light can reduce the breakouts of pimples.
  • Green – Green light is used to mitigate hyperpigmentation and relieve the skin tissues.

Light Therapy Safety

The best handheld LED light therapy devices are cleared by the FDA. An FDA-approved product is safe to use and has been tested by multiple processes.

Timers are a good way to keep a check on your therapy. You don’t want to overdo it as it might lead to skin damage. Set a timer on your phone before you turn the red light switch.

Wearing safety goggles is a good way to protect yourself from any stray light rays that might damage the eyes.

FAQs about Handheld Light Therapy Devices

Do I need glasses/goggles during red light therapy?

Red light therapy does not damage your eyes. However, the lights are quite bright and might make you uncomfortable, so covering the eyes is recommended. ReVive also makes its own light therapy safety goggles.

Can red light therapy help with bags under the eyes?

Using red 660nm wavelength for a couple of months will heal the puffiness under the eyes. If you are targeting this area, then I highly recommend the goggles above as eye protection.

How often should you use reVive dpl Nuve?

Using 2-3 times a day for a few minutes is recommended for best results. You may decrease the frequency to 3 times a week after 50-60 days of usage.

Is a handheld light therapy device worth the effort?

This is a self-answering question, as it is very clear how good of a decision it is to own a red light therapy device. I hope you also know which is the best handheld LED light therapy device and why. Let’s just split the things you have to do to get light therapy from a professional.

  1. Find a well-reputed clinic
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Drive to the place
  4. Wait for others
  5. Get your therapy done
  6. Drive back home

What do you have to do with a handheld device? Well, plug it in, close the lights, hold it on the target area, and Voila! My reasons for buying my own best handheld LED light therapy device is because I want to eliminate the hassle and save my money!