Lymph Cleanse: 18 Ways to Detox the Lymphatic System Naturally 

Someone has to take out the trash. In your body, that job falls to the lymphatic system. This underrated and often forgotten powerhouse is the largest circulatory system in the body. It picks up waste formed from chemicals and toxic ingredients and ushers them out of your body. While the lymphatic system is mostly water, it [...]

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How to Do a Vitamin C Flush: Benefits, Tips, and Supplements for an Ascorbate Detox

The human body is a miraculous creation. Made up of approximately 100 trillion regenerating cells with a superhuman computing center at the top, it can do almost anything. It pumps blood through 60,000 miles and delivers information all day through heat and pressure centers.  It warns of danger, is resilient against disease and can self-heal, self-propel [...]

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10 Best Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss and Clear Skin

We all know we should drink more water. Everyone from your mom to Rachel Hollis is constantly touting the benefits of water. You know it’ll help you lose weight, you know it’ll clear up your skin. There are apps to remind us and fancy water bottles to motivate us and all we have to do is [...]

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Essential Oils for Liver Detox: Natural Recipes and Blends to Help You Feel Better

The liver is the grand central station for your entire digestive system.  Every day it converts toxins into waste products, cleanses your blood, metabolizes nutrients and medications, and produces proteins naturally. Because the liver is naturally a detox center, it can clean itself. However, when we don’t do our part it gets overworked, stressed out, and [...]

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Liver Detox: Best Ways to Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

Let’s all just take a minute to give the liver some glory. This football-size organ at just over three pounds is a powerhouse. It performs almost 500 tasks to save your life every day. It doesn’t get enough attention, and too often it’s abused ruthlessly. When was the last time to actually consider the health of [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Holiday Party: Drinks, What to Wear, Entertainment, and More!

From kegs to casseroles, we’ve got your entire guide covered with all-encompassing holiday party tips. I’m here to help you from prep to clean up for any party at any holiday whether your guest list is crazy college roommates or both sides of the family tree. I’ll tell you what to get, how to prepare, and whether you need to dust your ceiling fans or order more booze. We’ve finally got the holidays figured out.

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Detox + Tea = Teatox. Guide to the Best Teas for Detoxing

Most of us love a warm cup on a cold morning. Cozy and comforting drinks are part of our daily routine, but is that cup actually helping your immune system? Is it delivering daily health benefits? Is it even good for you?  Detox and herbal teas have been used for centuries for cleansing the body and [...]

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Red Light Therapy at Home: How to Choose the Right Device, How Often to Use

You flip a switch and turn on the lights. Pretty simple, right? But what if flipping that switch did more than just turn on a light bulb. What if you could flip a switch and receive instant pain relief?  What if that same switch helped with inflammation healing, tissue regeneration, autoimmune health, brain recovery, increased athletic [...]

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Sauna Detox: Benefits of Sweating Out the Toxins in Your Body

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was something available that could actually build your muscle mass, reduce your risk of disease, boost your immune system, provide pain relief, and actually make you smarter all at once? I’ve got really good news. There is. And guess what? It’s not a pill, requires no doctor’s visit, it’s cheap [...]

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