Lymph Cleanse: 18 Ways to Detox the Lymphatic System Naturally 

Someone has to take out the trash. In your body, that job falls to the lymphatic system. This underrated and often forgotten powerhouse is the largest circulatory system in the body. It picks up waste formed from chemicals and toxic ingredients and ushers them out of your body. While the lymphatic system is mostly water, it [...]

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28 Realistic & Easy Home Workouts for Lazy People & Beginners

Getting to the gym is hard and paying for the gym is even worse. Luckily, I've collected 28 of the easiest, best workouts for us lazy folk into one full-body circuit that you can do at home. Seriously. No need to try and create the perfect messy bun, squeeze into an expensive “cute” gym outfit and pretend like you know what you’re doing at the gym.

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7 Engaging and Funny Fitness Apps that Don’t Suck

We would all rather eat doughnuts instead of listening to an all-too-peppy aerobics instructor who delivers empty lies by repeating “you’re almost done!” Which is why I’ve searched high and low for the best workout apps for women that don’t suck. I figure if my phone can order pad thai and deliver dog food to my door, it can also provide an at-home workout plan that actually works.

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