Copper Detox: Symptoms and Treatment for Toxicity or Poisoning from Copper

Do you or someone you love suffer from headaches, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, racing thoughts, nerve pain, sciatica, hypertension or mental disorders such as schizophrenia, manic depression, autism, or ADD? These can all be signs of copper toxicity and adding the wrong medication to the wrong problem can only make it worse. Understanding healthy copper [...]

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Heavy Metals Detox Side Effects: How to Prepare and What Symptoms to Expect

Heavy metals are a natural part of the world around us. The Earth’s crust is a natural source of heavy metals and today, these ingredients are found almost everywhere including in animal products, chemicals and even the soil underneath your feet. Some of these metals, like iron, zinc, and copper, are important to keep all living [...]

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How to Remove Heavy Metals from Drinking Water

Would you order a mixed drink with a splash of arsenic off of a bar menu? The bartender assures you it’s completely safe and it tastes great. A little bit of arsenic is completely fine, right? Do you take the plunge and order the arsenic martini?  Whether you like it or not, you’re ordering up [...]

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