New Year’s Eve Game Plan for Staying In or Going Out

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To go or not to go, that is always the question. On New Year’s Eve, I get a bad case of FOMO. And hosting your own New Year’s Eve party can be the best night of the year... or a complete disaster. I beg you to consider these five critical New Year’s Eve party tips before deciding to host one, attend one, or Skype into one a little tipsy.

Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Holiday Party: Drinks, What to Wear, Entertainment, and More!

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From kegs to casseroles, we’ve got your entire guide covered with all-encompassing holiday party tips. I’m here to help you from prep to clean up for any party at any holiday whether your guest list is crazy college roommates or both sides of the family tree. I’ll tell you what to get, how to prepare, and whether you need to dust your ceiling fans or order more booze. We’ve finally got the holidays figured out.