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If you are wondering does drinking water help acne the answer is yes.I once heard Beyoncé say to reporters asking about her skincare regime. “I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day,” Queen Bey said.

So does drinking water help acne (if she had any)? Who doesn’t want to look like Beyonce? If I can get Beyonce’s skin without expensive creams and no negative side effects, sign me up!

I embraced the “water drinking challenge” my skin has been begging me for. I started with the golden rule we’ve all heard before of eight, 8-ounce glasses of water.

The next step was finishing my 64 ounces earlier in the day and adding additional water in the afternoon and eventually a full gallon of water (15-20 glasses a day).

Today, I have seen a reduction in cysts and small pimples, and my scars and popped pimples heal quicker.

My skin stays moisturized, my complexion is more even, and drinking water for acne has helped more than the dozens of other products I’ve tried.

Does Drinking More Water Help Get Rid Acne?

The short answer is a resounding YES! Drinking water for acne makes a huge difference! Water is perhaps the single most important acne treatment available.

Water is a critical component of keeping your skin clear because with enough water, your body can flush out bacteria and toxins on its own without medications, creams, or skin treatments.

Drinking water reaches all the internal organs first, and then affects the skin. You must drink plenty of water to make a significant difference.

But let me be honest, this is not an overnight cure! You will need to adapt to this lifestyle change for more than just a 30-day challenge. You will have to experiment to find the right amount for you and make sure to incorporate this into your everyday life! Stay tuned to find out my magic amount!

How Does Drinking Water Help?

So, how does drinking water help acne?

There are several reasons why drinking water for acne makes such a huge difference, but the main ones are increasing hydration, immune function, blood sugar regulation, decrease oil production, increasing sweat, reducing inflammation and boosting your body’s natural detoxification process.

Hydration: Your body is 70 percent water, and it needs to stay that way. When you get dehydrated, your skin dries up and your body will produce more oil to make up for it. Drinking water for acne helps reduce oil production and keeps skin moisturized naturally.

Immune Function: Acne is, essentially, an infection of the skin. As you continue drinking water for acne, you are also increasing your immune function and reducing acne by reducing the infections in your body.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Blood sugar levels in your body affect your levels of insulin. High levels of insulin can increase oil production, which contributes to acne. When you are drinking water for acne consistently, you have a lower risk of developing high blood sugar levels, which lowers insulin and oil production.

Does drinking water help acne? Yes, it can reduce your blood sugar levels.

Controls Oil Production: By lowering blood sugar and keeping your body hydrated by drinking water for acne, excess oil is not necessary. Your body responds in kind and the oil production in the body is naturally reduced.

Natural Detoxification: Although there are dozens of detox diets, the best detox plan is the one you already have built-in. Clean, clear water flushes out toxins, carries nutrients, and can even remove heavy metals in your body as long as you’re drinking the right water. If you are drinking water to help with acne as a natural detoxification, you’re using filtered water.

Please, please, please put good CLEAN water into your system daily. My recommendation is the Berkey Filter if you never want to have to deal with the crappy Brita filters or bottled water anymore.

Berkey Water Filter: 

      • Berkey water filters preserve all the healthy essential minerals.
      • Removes up to 99.8% of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, VOCs, chlorine, etc.
      • Berkey water filters qualify as water purifiers, which is significantly more powerful than just a fridge or pitcher water filter.
      • The stainless steel won’t corrode or rust. It is low maintenance and easy to clean and if taken care of it will quite literally last forever.

I know they aren’t cheap, but they ARE worth it 100%. I suggest to check their sales and bundle page for a good deal because you will definitely want one. Don’t believe me? Check out your zip code now and find out how dirty your tap water really is with their EWG water quality database!

Helps You Sweat: Sweating helps your body remove dirt and pollutants from your skin and unclog your pores. You don’t have to visit the steam room or sauna if you’re drinking enough water, sweat is your skin’s natural way of detoxing

Reduced Inflammation: Drinking water can help you fight inflammation, one of the leading causes of acne.

Ideas to Incorporate More Water Into Your Diet

Use the right water bottle: It’s important to use a water bottle and support your water drinking habits. Find one that you can use to measure your progress and I suggest stainless steel or glass water bottles. If you’re serious about drinking water for acne, nothing beats the Berkey Water Filter that you can use every day in your own home without changing your plumbing or wasting store-bought water bottles. They even have their own water bottle.

The Berkey water bottle is a great way to drink water for acne.

Use water directly on your face: You can add water directly to the face with a hydrating moisturizer within 2 minutes of leaving the bath or shower while the skin is still porous, allowing better absorption. Choose a quality product containing hyaluronic acid prior to your moisturizer thus attracting water to the skin and holding it there.

Applying hyaluronic acid to your skin is an alternative to drinking water for acne.

Drink teas that are good for your skin: The main ingredient in tea is water. Adding valuable antioxidants, increasing gut health, and promoting healthy bacteria all come from high-quality teas for acne. As a regular habit, tea can both treat current breakouts and prevent future problems.

 There are several detox teas that can also help you drink more water for acne.

Try a detox water recipe: Most of us are still not drinking enough water every day because other drinks simply taste better. Detox water gives you the hydration you need, adds flavor to your drink, and gives an added boost to help your body. If you’re drinking water for acne, detox water might be a great way to get the hydration you need and the detox you want.

If you are trying to figure out does drinking water help acne, try a detox water.

Snack on food high in water content: If you can’t stand to take another sip, there are several ways to chew your water as well. Experts recommend we get about 1 liter of water from our food naturally. If you’re looking to boost your water intake, choose these high water content foods to add water to your diet:

    • Watermelon: 92% water
    • Strawberries: 91% water
    • Cantaloupe: 90% water
    • Peaches: 89% water
    • Oranges: 88% water
    • Skim Milk: 91% water
    • Cucumber: 95% water
    • Lettuce: 96% water
    • Broths or Soups: 92% water
    • Zucchini: 94% water
    • Celery: 95% water
    • Plain Yogurt: 88% water
    • Tomatoes: 94% water
    • Bell Peppers: 92% water
    • Cauliflower: 92% water
    • Cabbage: 92% water
    • Grapefruit: 88% water
    • Cottage Cheese: 80% water

If you are really serious about your skin, check out a hydrogen water machine.

How Do We Get Dehydrated Skin?

Even with a healthy lifestyle (and perhaps more so) your skin easily gets dehydrated every day. We lose water through exercise, sweating, secretion, bowel movements, urine, spit, etc.

Sugar and soda are also major contributors to dehydration because it does nothing to replace any of the fluids you’re losing.

In addition, caffeine (which includes coffee), makes you urinate more quickly, losing more fluid than you normally would.

What Else Can Drinking Water Help With?

While we are here to get a real cure for acne breakouts, drinking water can help with much more than just a clear complexion.

  • Weight Management: Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to manage your weight. Too often, we grab a snack, soda, or sweet treat when we are thirsty – not hungry. Keep up on drinking water for acne and you’ll satisfy your appetite without increasing your calories.
  • Energy: When your body has the water it needs, it works the way it should and you enjoy more energy throughout your day. Sugary drinks cause your energy to spike and plummet all day long, drinking water for acne gives you a steady stream of constant energy.
  • Mood: Because your brain is mostly water, drinking water for acne can also help balance your mood and emotions. Clearing up your skin can also be a great way to boost your mood, right?!
  • Focus: Concentration and cognition have also been noted as benefits of drinking enough water. This is reason enough to keep a quality water filter like the Berkey Water Filter at your home, office, or school.
  • Digestion: If you often feel bloated or constipated, drinking water for acne might be the answer your body is begging for. Water dissolves waste smoothly and passes them through, so you’re not left feeling like you’ve got a weight in your gut. If water doesn’t help then find the right supplement. This supplement, by Peak Biome, finally got me back on track with my own bowel movements.
  • Entire Skin Hydration: It’s not just for your skin, drinking water for acne helps clear up back acne, wrinkle-free hands, tight thighs and beautiful skin from head to toe.

How Much Water Should I Drink to Clear Acne?

Water recommendations are different for different people.

The medical authorities estimate the benefits of water for a medium-sized adult, without sports activity, and living in a moderate temperate climate must drink 1.5 liters (50 ounces) of water a day to properly renew his daily water needs.

If you workout or participate in other physical activity, add one liter to make a total of 2.5 (84 ounces). However, if you are drinking water for acne and want to make a real difference in your skin I recommend one gallon of water, that’s a whopping 128 ounces!

You need more than the minimum 1-2 liters if you are drinking water for acne.  Start by just having half of your body weight in ounces of water. For example, I am 150 lbs so I should have at least 75 ounces of water every day.

Ideally, the more I work out and the more I start to take in the more I notice my body utilizing the newfound source of water supply I have been giving it. My sweet spot for water intake is when I get at least ⅔ of my weight in ounces of water (which is at least 100 ounces for me!)

That’s not me, but I appreciate his enthusiasm for my 100 ounces of water! 😉

Common sense is to listen to your body and get the benefits of water. Drink enough water so that your pee is a pale yellow. Clear sometimes means that you are drinking more than your body can process so it wasn’t as effective as it could have been. Darker yellow means you’re not getting enough.

I have yet to develop water intoxication – or hyponatremia, as it’s known medically. Nor will you since you would have to consume an excessive amount of water in a short amount of time

All humans must get the benefits of water by drinking regularly. Making sure the water you are drinking is clean and clear helps your hydration levels as well. I recommend the Berkey water filter when you’re ready to get serious about making drinking water for acne a priority.

Peeing Too Often?

Congratulations! If you’re peeing more than normal, that means you’re doing it right. Unfortunately, this new interruption is going to be a part of your new routine until your body starts to adjust to the new amount of water you are consuming daily

Try to keep the main portion of your water intake for the daylight hours so you don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night. After that endpoint, just slowly sip on water when needed.

Water Therapy for Skin

Studies have shown drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach first thing when you wake up in the morning provides numerous benefits to the body including skin enhancements.

During the day, set a timer or reminder on your phone every 30 minutes to help you remember to take a drink of water.

Make sure to store water in a healthy water bottle or use the Berkey water filter, which will not cause side effects or any other harmful effects on your body.

Always anticipate dehydration, keep the coldest water bottle close at hand and keep drinking regularly. Dehydration can happen in as quickly as an hour or two.

Drink It Up

So, does drinking water help acne? Yes, and the solution for acne is just at your fingertips. There is no need to consult specialists or spend your money on expensive beauty products. Your skin is begging for the water that is available to you every day. Drinking plenty of water hydrates skin cells and plumps them up, reduces oil production, and clears up acne breakouts.

In addition, drinking water for acne helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes your skin, and increases the elasticity of your skin revealing younger, healthier-looking skin. Isn’t it time to flush out impurities and reveal the soft, clear, and supple skin that you have always been dreaming of?

I think so too.

Bottoms up!