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The marvels of red light therapy have brought about a need for light therapy products that can be used at home. Multiple shapes and sizes are being manufactured to meet the different demands. 

A red light therapy bulb is an easy-to-use and lightweight gadget with unmatched utility and tons of benefits from the red light. From boosting the immune system to healing inflammation and curing multiple skin-related diseases, red light therapy serves its versatile purpose in an amazing way. 

How Are Light Therapy Bulbs Different?

Multiple types of light bulbs are being sold for therapeutic effects. However, they don’t have any proven therapeutic benefits if all they do is emit infrared waves. Incandescent and Halogen bulbs release 80-90 percent heat and the rest is light. People do sell them with a tag of therapeutic effects, but neither research nor experimentation has proved any health benefits of Halogen and Incandescent bulbs. 

You might find fluorescent bulbs in gyms, clinics, and malls because they are cheaper and way more economical. Any expectations regarding therapy and healing from fluorescent bulbs are in vain. 

Infrared LED Light Bulb for Skin and Pain Relief

With deep penetrating red light that activates the cells and rejuvenates the dead cells, light therapy is quite beneficial for the skin. Not only does it activate collagen production but also works against the bacteria and oil glands that cause acne and other skin-related diseases. Red light therapy bulbs also work quite well against wrinkles and aging signs (dark spots, forehead lines). 

Best Bulb for Red Light Therapy 

Wolezek 36W is a low EMF value device that makes light therapy much safer for your body. The light penetrates down into your muscles and joints thus working against the pain and healing the tissues. The infrared heat delivered to the body improves blood flow to the muscles and joints thus nourishing them which relieves the pain. 

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Infrared LED Light Bulb Wolezek 36W Features:

  • 9pcs 660nm deep red LEDs + 9pcs 850nm near-infrared LEDs make the best combination of red light wavelengths
  • Equipped with 60 degrees glass lens and an extra lens that enhances the irradiance 
  • Compatible with E26/E27 socket, 100~240V AC thus making it easy to use anywhere
  • Built-in Aluminium cooling fins to absorb heat
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stimulates the muscles

How to Use Wolezek 36W 18 LED Infrared Light Therapy Bulb

The red light therapy bulb can be used in various ways depending upon the person. You can attach it to a gooseneck clamp or stand that would support the bulb without tipping over. You can also use painter’s lamp fixtures for clamping it to the chair’s back. It can also be attached to a floor lamp and you can adjust the height according to yourself. 

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Infrared LED Light Therapy Bulb Do’s and Don’ts 

This product is not made for outdoor use and it is preferred that you use it only inside the house. Rain, wind, and other weather might have a negative impact on the quality and durability of the product. Moreover, every person has different preferences with the frequency and wavelength of red light. If you do not feel comfortable with the therapy, do not force yourself and stop right away. 

Do not touch the bulb or be too close to it during the therapy. Maintain a safe distance of 1 ft for the best results. Also, double-check if you will not receive a lamp holder with the red light therapy bulbs. 

How Often Do You Use LED Bulbs for Red Light Therapy?

The best way to use a light therapy bulb is to target your back, face, legs, abdomen, and legs for 25 minutes a day. You will start to see results on consistent use. Keep a distance of 6 inches to feet and the frequency of use should be at least 1-4 times a week. The best practice involves the above guidelines. Having a good diet and exercising would also multiply the benefits. 

Choosing a LED Red Light Bulb

Before choosing a light therapy device, you should keep the following factors in mind and make the purchase as per your demand and priorities. 

  • A light bulb is an ideal shape for light therapy because of its utility and ease to use. You can target the right areas with the bulb and can attach it to a stand or a chair for having a professional therapy experience.
  • The light bulb is movable, portable, and lightweight thus making it an ideal product for light therapy at home.
  • The light bulbs are easier to target different and difficult areas of the body. You can attach it to a stand and let the light fall on your head. You can also use it to target belly fat, thighs, and other areas.
  • The product you choose should be energy efficient as you don’t want to raise your electricity bills by a lot.
  • The ideal red light strength should be studied before buying a product. Consult your physician and ask them about the wavelength and wattage that would be best for you. 

FAQs About Infrared LED Light Bulbs

Can You Increase Collagen with Red Light Bulbs?

Thinking about light having a positive effect on your body sounds like a fiction movie plot or a fairytale. However, as sunlight has multiple proven benefits, red light also is a part of the sunlight spectrum. Therefore red light does actually have healing effects. 

Collagen is a word that you would hear and read on every health and self-grooming website/magazine due to its anti-aging benefits. Light therapy has shown anti-aging effects in experiments. It works on wrinkles and dark spots as well. However, extensive research is needed before any collagen stimulating effects of red light therapy bulbs can be concluded. 

What Kind of Light Bulb Is Used in Red Light Therapy?

The ABI deep red and near-infrared light bulbs with wavelengths of 650nm to 850nm are used in red light therapy. 

What Is the Best Wavelength for Red Light Therapy?

The best wavelengths vary from person to person. However, the best range includes light from 625nm to 900nm. 

Can You Use Red Light Therapy Every Day?

Yes, you can use light therapy every day as it is a healing treatment and does have any harm to the skin. If you are experiencing any detox symptoms then you may want to back off a little until you have built up to daily use.

Targeted Therapy with Light Bulbs

Red Light therapy bulbs allow you to target the light waves on the area that needs to be repaired. If you have joint pain, you can target them and relieve the pain. The same goes for acne, skin issues, fat burning, and spot reduction. All in all, light bulbs allow you to target the area of your choice for better and faster results.