What is a Sauna Suit?

Sauna suits are a type of full-body item of clothing made out of synthetic material and are designed to be worn during exercise to induce sweating. The first sauna suits were made out of rubber and for this reason, they are often referred to as a “rubber suits”. Designed to retain body heat and increase perspiration, the sauna suit often features elasticated wrists and ankles to increase the rate of metabolism.

A sauna suit is like a portable home sauna that is specially designed to dramatically increase health and fitness. When wearing a specially designed sauna suit your body temperature will increase to a range that matches that of a sauna. Therefore, you will experience the health benefits of a sauna without stepping inside one.

You can now purchase a wide range of weight loss sauna suits, either as a full-body garment or as individual pieces like body shaping vests, shorts, trousers, bras, or tops. Sauna suits come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from unisex to stylish pieces for men or women.

How Did Sauna Suits Start?

Sauna suits for weight loss have always been around. Throughout history, similar versions of this same concept have been used by jockeys, boxers, and weightlifters to lose weight rapidly before significant events.

However, the exact origins of this creation cannot be found. Neither do we know how long these suits have been around. We know that sauna suits have become widely available over the years, with many brands selling them in all available sizes.

In the past, these suits were known as “rubber suits” because they were made of rubber or a rubberized sort of fabric. But over time, however, these suits have started to be made of PVC or nylon cloth.

How to Use Sauna Suits?

Step 1

Select the right size suit for your body. Sauna suits, often unisex, typically compare to standard tracksuits in size. So if you generally wear a large tracksuit, a large sauna suit should also fit. Try the suit on before buying if possible, as sizes vary per manufacturer.

Step 2

Wear close-fitting, moisture-wick undergarments – such as briefs and sports bras – under your sauna suit.

Step 3

Slip the bottoms of the sauna suit on over your undergarments, just as you would a pair of pants, before your aerobic exercise routine. Put the top on over your head, so that the bottom of the shirt goes over the waistline of the pants – do not tuck the shirt into the pants. The elastic waistbands of the suit should rest at your collarbone, wrists, waist, and ankles.

Step 4

Hydrate thoroughly before, during, and after your exercise. Drink at least 6 ounces of water before your workout, another 6 ounces again every 20 minutes of activity, and at least 6 more after your routine.

Step 5

Work your way up to performing your usual aerobic exercise routine gradually. When just starting out, wear your suit in five- to 10-minute increments, working your way up to your usual amount of exercise time; do not exceed 60 minutes of exercise at a time while wearing the suit. Start with low-impact versions of your exercises, such as jogging before running, walking before jogging, or lying leg raises before hanging leg raises, and move on to higher impact exercises as your endurance increases.

Step 6

Clean your sauna suit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically requires you to hand wash the garment in warm, soapy water, although some suits can be machine washed. Unless explicitly stated as safe in the manufacturer’s directions, never iron a sauna suit or put it in the dryer. Instead, allow your suit to air dry.

Health Benefits of Wearing a Sauna Suit While Exercising


A sauna suit traps body heat, thereby increasing perspiration. The more perspiration? The less water retention. And by revving up the metabolism, short-term exertion in a sauna suit hones in on that fat-burning zone. Whether you’re trying to make weight for the next fight or just shifting a few pounds, exercising in a sauna suit accelerates the process.


The International Journal of Research in Sports Physiology demonstrates heat therapy plus exercise enhances cardiovascular health benefits by triggering maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2—how well your body processes oxygen during exercise. If arm workouts generate up to 70% higher VO2, try shadowboxing in a sauna suit.


Lose weight, maximize oxygen, get loose and limber…and keep warm! With its heat-retaining qualities and airtight design, the Hagler Sauna Suit provides an effective layer of protection against cold winter elements. Relatedly, wearing a sauna suit during exercise elevates pulse rate and makes blood vessels more flexible, thereby ramping up all-around circulation and the flow of nutrients to growing muscles.

Limbs, joints, fingers, and toes—extremities really benefit from this type of layering.


When exposed to intense heat, our bodies body releases heat shock proteins, which heal, protect and grow muscle cells. Known as muscular hypertrophy, this increase in muscle cells constitutes another reason for sauna suit conditioning: heat + exercise sets the process in motion.

Things to consider before buying Sauna suits

The Sauna suits are the best apparel to be present in your gym bag. This sweatsuit helps you in bringing out sweat from your body and maintaining your body in shape. There are some relevant points listed below to be considered before buying these Sauna suits:

1. Flexible material:

Make sure that you buy a suit that has flexible material that is durable and long-lasting. Also, it must allow you to have freedom in movement and gives you access to move your body according to your wish with flexibility. Comfortable and satisfaction must be provided to you while having your workout session. The material must be Neoprene which gives you pleasant warmth when you are doing any physical contact.

The suit must be a much closer fit to your body than it allows your body to breathe. The material must be water-resistant to save you from any possible injury. Your workout session must not get interfere with what may cause irritation by the toxic material. PVC rubber nylon liner is highly recommended for those who work on heavy weight lifting. The material must be non-tear to give you a long-lasting session to enjoy and tone your body in the perfect shape.

2. Safety:

Find a Sauna suit that gives you protection from any possible injury and keeps you safe from any danger. The nylon heavy-duty sauna suit must detoxify your immune system, increase your metabolism, and also decreases the probability of getting injured by any means. Keep in mind the security by checking if the suit consists of the hook and loop secure wrist tab to keep your body firmly fit into the suit.

Losing weight must not be the only purpose of the suit you are buying but also the safety to make your workout session more comfortable and enjoyable and also leads you to a healthy life routine. A satisfying workout session is considered when you are getting an optimum result with safety.

3. Suitable size:

You must consider the size of your Sauna suit before placing the order. Your sauna suit sizes must be designed in such a way that it is slim-fit non-bulky designed and gets closely fit to your body like a glove. Before buying the sweatsuit, you must check that it can be worn underneath your body or with your regular activewear.

The RAD Heavy Duty Sweat Sauna Suit is highly recommended in the matter of size as this suit is true for an American size and fits all kinds of body. Unfit size can cause pain or anything serious while doing the exercises, especially the workout session that involves heavy weight lifting. This can also cause a restriction in your training session. The zip is provided in the front so that it can be worn or taken off very easily.

4. Affordable price

It is necessary to make sure of the budget while placing an order of any item regarding the loss of weight. But these Sauna suits are available at affordable prices and are also worthy of their listed prices. You can get a perfect shaped body with this apparel which helps you in bringing on the sweat at the cost that you can afford.

Although the sauna suit price of the sweatsuit depends on the quality and the brand of the manufacturer, you must choose the suit that belongs to your lifestyle and you can afford to pay for it. Make sure the quality, fitting, and safety of the suit are worthy of the price.

5. Bring on more sweat

To make your body in perfect shape, it is necessary to bring on the sweet sweat out of your body for an extra pound. The Sauna suit that you are planning to buy must be designed in such a way that it instantly gets heated by the heat of your body. The full-body sauna sweatsuit must burn enough calories to allow you to lead a healthy life.