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It’s inevitable.

When you start something new, people always want to know why.

Bunch of Nosey Nellies around here.

Because I’m not a mom yet, I can’t say because I said so, and that be the end of it. So, without tearing my hair out trying to explain it to you, it was because I was sick of feeling like shit.

I had been struggling with feeling my best and was just hiding behind the answer “busy” when friends would ask me how I am doing. Every time I would go to research something online and look for an answer to my problems, it felt like I was greeted by a bunch of condescending weirdos yelling at me to buy their magic pills or just stop feeling bad for yourself because this is the best life can get.

Sorry, but I don’t believe that even as awesome as our Western Medicine has advanced it still lacks to solve the root problem at times.

I decided it was time for a real person with real experiences to give real answers. No sugar coat, no fluff. Just real stuff. Besides, those of us that feel fatigued, bloated, and just can’t sleep make up most of the population anyway. Might as well be represented!

I will be giving my two cents on everything under the sun and will hold nothing back. Get ready, world.

While that sounds mighty and brave, realistically, I will focus on tackling the real things we are struggling with if you have come to the internet for a second opinion than what pill your doctor prescribed.

Please like and share my posts with the rest of your clan because I’m fragile and need validation, but also, because you know damn well we all need help. Let’s get unstuck together.