What are Portable Steam Saunas?

As you can see, steam portable saunas look very similar to portable infrared saunas. However, attached to a steam sauna is an object that looks a lot like a rice cooker. This container holds water, which is heated, and channeled through the tent area, heating the tent with steam directly. This heat is very moist and isn’t quite the same as what you would encounter in a traditional sauna.

Steam heating is convection heating, and steam heats the air around the body, not just the body itself as an infrared sauna would.

It is great for those who suffer from frequent congestion, though. And some simply love highly humid heating. They’re also a bit easier to combine with sauna essential oils than infrared saunas are.

Additionally, these saunas are typically cheaper than infrared saunas, which is always nice!

It’s not clear whether the famed longevity and general health benefits associated with regular sauna use carry over to steam saunas since the type of heat is so different. However, steam saunas are fantastic for clearing congestion, and may well result in the same sorts of health benefits that are commonly found in other types of saunas.

Pros and Cons of Portable Steam Sauna 

Portable Steam Sauna Pros

Relatively inexpensive.  You can purchase one of these saunas for around $100 or less.  Compare that to at least $1000 for a traditional 1-2 person sauna and you can really see how much you are saving.

Use them anywhere.  You’re not confined to a particular area with a portable sauna.  At only 20 pounds or so, you can move it anywhere in your home, take it with you to a friend’s house or even on vacation.

Skip the gym.  You don’t have to pay a gym membership to use the sauna…now you have your very own personal sauna anytime you need it.

Easy to operate. The portable steam sauna is very easy to set up, and all you need to do is add water and plug it in.  It’s that simple.

Portable Steam Sauna Cons

Not high-end.  The saunas themselves are not the highest quality, so there is always the likelihood of a tear or a broken zipper.  However, for $100 you can’t really complain.

Need to be careful.  There is a possibility of getting burned by the steam or the pipe if you sit too close.  That’s why a chair is always recommended.

Your floor can get wet.  As with any time you use steam, condensation can build up.  As such you should always place a towel down under the pipe to ensure that your floor doesn’t get too wet.

Won’t last forever. Unlike a traditional sauna that you will have in your home for 10-20 years, a portable steam sauna probably won’t last very long, and if you use it regularly you’ll likely have to replace it much sooner.

Why You Need a Portable Steam Sauna

Sweat from relaxation and detoxification is well known to provide perfect relaxation for the entire body. The skin is the biggest beneficiary since it is protected from infections by having the pores thoroughly opened. Professional athletes are advised to use heat therapy from saunas since it plays a vital role in healing severe injuries. Portable steam saunas have proven to be too needful for anyone who wants to have a sauna’s convenience at close range. The best thing about these portable steam saunas is that they are portable and easy to set up, proving how convenient they are.

A sturdy frame is an undeniable feature of the best portable steam sauna. Most of them have frames that are made of strong wood, metal, or plastic. On the other hand, their walls are made up of materials that have a high-humidity strength for the needed durability. A good portable steam sauna is also designed to conserve energy.

All portable steam saunas come accompanied by an external steam generator that is good enough to provide enough energy to provide enough sweat. A temperature regulator also accompanies them for the different settings a user might prefer.

When one gets accustomed to portable steam saunas, joint pains are reduced to a significant extent. High blood pressure is also decreased, which on the other hand, minimizes the risk of long-term cardiovascular disease. Professional research has proved that with portable steam saunas, pain from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia can be reduced greatly.