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There are several coffee enema benefits that could improve your well-being.You have been drinking coffee the wrong way for years. The energy, clarity, and focus you get from coffee may actually be more effective when used in a slightly different direction.

Mention a “coffee enema” to friends and you’re likely to get more than a few raised eyebrows and muffled snickers (or downright rolling-on-the-floor laughing).

It sounds strange, and let’s be honest – it kinda is. But, that initial reluctance may be quickly transformed into enthusiasm when the purpose, evidence, and coffee enema benefits are clearly understood.

If you’re struggling and wish you could somehow magically cleanse both your mind and your body…you might want to just keep reading.

If reading this will make you feel scared shit-less, then I highly recommend just adding this supplement to your morning routine to help get you regular and consistent (if that’s the culprit bugging you).

What Is A Coffee Enema?

At its basic definition, an enema is a practice that involves inserting liquid into the rectum to relieve constipation or to prepare for a procedure to look at the bowel. People have used a range of substances for an enema.

Most commonly, a person will use water, mineral oil, or water with a small amount of soap added to it. A coffee enema is the same basic concept with, of course, the addition of your favorite roasted brew.

Coffee enema benefits are unique due to the ingredients only found in coffee.

How Do Coffee Enemas Work?

There are three main components of coffee that are considered effective when used in an enema: theobromine, theophylline, and caffeine. These three work together to provide some unique coffee enema benefits in both gut health and mental wellness.

Fans of coffee enema benefits use it to help detoxify the body and the popularity is on the rise. Consistent users comment on increased energy, better bowel function, and weight loss among other coffee enema benefits.

What Is Gerson Therapy?

Gerson therapy is an approach to healing developed by German-American physician Max Gerson, in the early 1900s to mid-1950s. Gerson advocated the use of coffee enemas as a means of detoxifying the body of “poisons” living in the tissues and body.

According to a paper from the Gerson Institute, coffee enema benefits include increased energy cell production, tissue health, blood circulation, immunity, and cell growth.

Two documentaries, The Gerson Miracle and The Beautiful Truth actually look into the coffee enema benefits of Gerson Therapy in treating cancer with an astounding success rate. However, Gerson Therapy is illegal in the United States and therefore is not well studied or documented.

In the U.S., doctors and naturopaths will discourage people from trying coffee enemas and recommend over-the-counter enemas instead. However, coffee enema benefits are continually being studied in other parts of the world for healthcare and alternative cancer treatments.

Full of shit? Pardon my French, but if you are not having regular bowel movements then you will never start making progress towards your health goals. Coffee enemas are not meant to only be used as a diuretic. However, Stanford researchers have just discovered an unusual nutrient that eliminates constipation by breakfast. You simply add it to your breakfast coffee, tea, oatmeal, or smoothie and fully empty your bowels effortlessly, naturally, and daily.

I recommend adding it to your “drinking coffee” for perfect poops daily.

Evidence For The Use Of Coffee Enemas

In 2014, a Korean study was published in Clinical Nutrition Research that looked at coffee enema benefits for endoscopy patients. They used 34 participants who were preparing for video capsule endoscopy, which allows a doctor to view the inner portions of the gut. Half of the participants received a coffee enema plus polyethylene glycol and the second group received just polyethylene glycol.

The doctors found that visibility of the middle and lower segments of the small intestine was better in the participants who had been given the coffee enema. Still, there is a lot of conflicting research regarding coffee enema benefits, which is why they aren’t readily recommended in the medical field.

There is evidence from medical studies that show the many coffee enema benefits.

Coffee Enema Benefits

So, could a coffee shot up the bum really heal the body? Turns out, it might have the ability to do much more than that.  Coffee is a complex mixture of more than 800 volatile compounds Some of those unique compounds have untapped potential in healing several areas of the body. Because acids from the stomach haven’t changed the components, coffee enema benefits outweigh those of simply sipping.

Power Ingredient #1: Palmitate 

There are two types of Palmitate: Kahweol and Cafestol. These unique ingredients are only found in coffee beans and can be a powerful ally to your liver and digestive system. Coffee enema benefits of Palmitates include:

  • Cleanse the Liver: Palmitates increase the detoxification antioxidant in the liver and breaks apart chemical carcinogens so the body can remove them. Read more on how to detox your liver here.
  • Increase Glutathione: Glutathione is more than a powerful antioxidant. It actually helps to inhibit neoplasia, which is the growth of new, abnormal and uncontrolled tissue, which leads to tumors, which leads to cancerous (and non-cancerous masses). Blocking this abnormal growth could be critical in preventing disease and coffee enema benefits give your body more of that growth-fighting power.
  • Increased Bile Production: We need bile to digest the food we eat, coffee stimulated the release of bile, which eases digestion and cleans our blood.
  • Protect your Intestines: This pathway does a lot for you, look out for it by giving it a detox boost. Coffee enema benefits can double the standard cleanse rate for the intestines.

Power Ingredient #2: Antioxidants 

We hear of lots of things that contain antioxidants, but nothing quite like the compound found in coffee. The lighter the roast, the more antioxidants, so you don’t want to make this dose too strong.

  • Liver Health: The antioxidant compound found in coffee can lower inflammation in the liver and help the liver cells regenerate. This could be especially useful in ulcerative colitis.
  • Clear Skin: Even if you eat really clean and spend hundreds of dollars on fancy face products, acne can still be an issue. Coffee enema benefits can cleanse the body so well that it eliminates the toxins escaping through the skin and causing breakouts.

The antioxidants are what promotes the many coffee enema benefits.

Power Ingredient #3: Caffeine

This is what we love about our cup of joe in the morning, but what if it could do more than wake us up to go to work? Turns out, it can. That little jolt of caffeine has hidden powers rarely tapped into.

  • Dilate Blood Vessels: The caffeine in coffee also helps to dilate blood vessels, which increases the other absorption of coffee and coffee enema benefits.  
  • Reduce Chronic Illness: Research from 2017 indicates some studies and experimental researches that suggest coffee enema benefits may actually help to prevent some chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes mellitus and liver disease.
  • Improved Energy, Clarity, and Mood: As the direct absorption of caffeine and palmitates into the bloodstream stimulate the release of bile water removal, it results in a powerful release marked by coffee enema benefits including significantly improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and better moods.

Additional Coffee Enema Benefits

As if the coffee enema benefits from palmitates and caffeine weren’t enough, there are added benefits that come simply from the coffee enema process itself.

  • Increased hydration: Coffee enemas = Water + Coffee directly into the colon (which is very good at absorbing water). While proper hydration is necessary, drinking water might not be enough. Of course, no one here is suggesting that coffee enemas are a replacement for drinking enough fluids, one of the many coffee enema benefits is a boost in hydration.
  • Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles: Let me hear it from the mama’s who can no longer sneeze without peeing! After delivering a blessed bundle of joy, those muscles are never the same. Let’s be honest, no one wants to do Kegels all day, and do they even work? I think not. However, coffee enemas require you to hold the liquid inside for up to 15 minutes, which – as an added benefit, helps you build up your pelvic floor muscles as well. While you focus on your lower body and concentrate on holding that liquid in, it tones your lady muscles too! 
  • Eliminate parasites and candida buildup: Because of the immense toxic load our bodies carry, it’s impossible to eliminate them all on its own.  Intestinally, this can result in a gradual buildup of impacted fecal matter, parasites, candida, and other toxins. Coffee enema benefits can alleviate this by fully irrigating and flushing the colon to break up toxins and eliminate them from the body.
  • Relief from Menstrual Pain & Fatigue: I get my period every month, just like you. I get cramps, body aches, and tiredness. Just like you. Coffee enema benefits for pain management were discovered during World War I when the hospital ran out of morphine and nurses used coffee enemas instead. While coffee doesn’t heal bullet wounds, it can still provide pain relief, energy, and reduce discomfort – especially during the menstrual cycle.
  • Decreased Depression: When our body’s own fight-or-flight response is overworked and the rest and digest response is too low, it heightens anxiety and increases depression. One of the coffee enema benefits is to remedy these by cleansing the gallbladder. When the enema causes the gallbladder to contract and release bile, it helps to move toxins out of the liver and provide a more relaxed feeling.

One of the many coffee enema benefits is relieving menstrual pain.

Who Should Consider Doing Coffee Enemas?

Anyone can reap coffee enema benefits. We all walk around with the same toxic chemicals in our food, air, and water. However, coffee enema benefits may be particularly appealing to those who are prone to constipation, bowel, or gallbladder problems.

How To Do A Coffee Enema

There is a lot of information here because I want to be thorough, but this isn’t rocket science so don’t overthink it too much.

The Players: 

  • an enema kit (includes bucket, clamp, and tubing)
  • organic enema coffee (whole bean)
  • filtered/purified water (tap water is not recommended)
  • ultra-fine stainless steel sieve (this is important to avoid coffee grinds in the enema)
  • 4-quart stainless steel saucepan (not aluminum)
  • coconut oil (for lubricant)

The Script: 

  • Add organic enema coffee and filtered/purified water to your saucepan and bring to a boil. How much to use is up to you. If it’s your first time, use about a teaspoon of coffee to 2 cups of water. For a full cleanse, you can use 2T to 4 Cups water – but this is a strong mixture and shouldn’t be used until you’re ready. Don’t ever use more than this.
  • Let it boil for 5 minutes, reduce the heat to low/medium, and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the saucepan from heat and allow it to cool completely.
  • Strain the coffee concentrate through the sieve and add cool water to equal 4 cups. (You’re only going to use ½ of this for the actual enema when you are first starting out, but it’s better to have a bit extra just in case you can handle more each time.)
  • Be sure the enema liquid is at comfortable room temperature before using it.

Having the proper kit will ensure getting the max coffee enema benefits. Set the Stage:

  • Prepare your bathroom space, by preparing somewhere to hang your enema bag, the doorknob usually works great.
  • Laying one or two large old towels on the floor (they may get coffee stains on them).
  • Have a timer handy.
  • You also might want to have a pillow, book, music, or anything else to help you relax. My favorite is watching YouTube videos on my phone because it helps distract me!

The Main Event: 

Now that the enema coffee is prepared, completely cooled off and you have the stage set, it’s time to actually perform the coffee enema.

  • In the kitchen, carefully pour 2 cups of liquid in your enema bucket. Make sure you close the tubing clamp first. (Otherwise, it will go straight through the tube and onto your floor and you’re left with a big mess!)
  • Take your enema bucket into the bathroom and hang it up. Anywhere from 16-45 inches is fine, the doorknob usually works great. The higher you hang it the faster the flow will be.
  • Lubricate the tip of the tubing with a tiny amount of coconut oil.
  • Get comfortable on your towel and insert the tip of the tubing into your rectum – it should not be painful. If it is, add a tiny bit more coconut oil.
  • Lay on your right side and release the tubing clamp. You’ll feel a strange sensation as the bucket empties, but it should not be painful.
  • Close the clamp when you feel full. Ideally, you would want to empty the entire bucket but don’t worry if you can’t retain it all.
  • Set your timer for 15 minutes and try to relax while retaining the enema coffee as long as possible. The goal is a full 15 minutes to reap the most coffee enema benefits.
  • When your time is finished, remove the tubing tip and go to the toilet.

Cleaning Up: 

  • Clean the tubing tip using a non-toxic liquid soap or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Clean the bucket with a little hydrogen peroxide.
  • Clean the tubing by running water mixed with hydrogen peroxide through it and make sure it dries completely before storing it.
  • The tubing can be reused if you take care of it and clean it properly but should be replaced after so many uses. If you feel that you just can’t get it clean enough or am a germaphobe, then you can buy one-time use replacement tips here on Amazon.

It is very important to keep your enema kit clean and sterile.

Tips for Beginners:

  • If you find that it’s not flowing through the tube, you may need to hang it a little higher. Or open the clasp a little further. It should ideally take around 5-10 minutes for it to empty into you.
  • Do your coffee enema after you’ve had a snack or meal with protein. If the caffeine doesn’t bother you, then you can do it in the morning before you eat. But some are more sensitive to the caffeine than others.
  • After you fill the enema bag with coffee, release the valve and allow the coffee to flow out and come out the end of the hose first this removes air bubbles before inserting it into your rectum.
  • Get comfortable – you’re going to be in the bathroom for about half an hour, so bring in a book or iPad to keep you occupied.
  • If it feels uncomfortable, try some deep belly breaths to break up any gas bubbles that may be forming to make you uncomfortable.
  • Drink plenty of water after your enema and have another light snack. Don’t get dehydrated! Be happy you just did something good for your body, Buddy!

To ensure you are getting the most coffee enema benefits, follow these beginner tips.

Coffee Enema FAQ’s

How long should I hold the coffee enema for?

It’s important to hold the coffee in the body for at least 15 minutes. During this time, the body’s entire blood supply passes through the liver 4-5 times. This allows the bile, blood, and body to work together to carry out poisons from the tissue. For this reason, the enema itself acts as a type of dialysis to clean the blood along the gut wall. Check out more here on

What if I can’t hold for 15 minutes?

Try to take some slow breaths can help to ease that “urge” and wiggle your toes or do something else to take your mind off things. Remember the YouTube videos and deep belly breaths mentioned previously? If you simply can’t hold it, be patient with yourself – it takes practice. You can also add a tablespoon of Epsom salts to calm your colon and allow the mixture to more easily do its job.

What comes out after a coffee enema?

After the 15 minutes, you can sit on the toilet and eliminate the coffee enema liquid. You’ll also be eliminating waste, toxins, and feces. Chances are, you may have another smaller amount of liquid in an hour or so.

Why do I feel worse after?

Sometimes this occurs when you release toxins in the bile duct. Generally, feeling worse after a coffee enema detox is revealing that there is something you are fixing and you’re doing it right! But remember you need to keep hydrated, and if any issues persist stop and consult your doctor.

How do you know if the coffee enema is working?

Many individuals claim to feel better almost immediately after the coffee enema and continue to use it on a regular basis. If you have ever been constipated, then you could develop an addiction like the lady on “My Strange Addiction” since it just makes you finally feel regular.

Do coffee enemas deplete your body of Minerals?

If you do coffee enemas too often, you could experience an electrolyte imbalance. This is why we encourage you to drink plenty of water and freshly juiced organic juices after your enema. If you already have a mineral imbalance, then consider incorporating sea kelp into your diet. A good supplement I recommend is phytoplankton. The best one as far as quality is this one on Amazon.

 If you have a mineral imbalance, try using phytoplankton as a supplement.

How often can I do a coffee enema?

You can do this enema as often as every morning. Start with once a week and see how you feel before increasing usage.

Why Should I Use Organic Enema Coffee?

You want to use enema coffee because the beans are air roasted and it has a higher amount of caffeine. It also will contain a higher amount of Cafestol and Palmitic Acid, which are key ingredients for a powerful cleanse. Organic coffee also eliminates pesticides and herbicides.

Do I have to use filtered water for the coffee enema?

Yes. It’s imperative that the water you’re using is completely clean and filtered so that you can adequately flush your body of toxins rather than add new ones.

Check out the post on the best water filters so you can easily do this at home!

Risks and Side Effects of Coffee Enemas

As with any cleanse, there are risks and side effects to be aware of.

  • It’s important to stay hydrated for the risk of electrolyte loss from repeated use. It’s recommended to do this coffee enema along with plenty of electrolyte juice like this one.
  • Also, be sure to use organic coffee to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • There also may be a risk of addiction as used as a bowel movement aid dependency, which is why you should only start with once a week or less before you increase use.
  • Be sure to use plenty of lubricants to avoid injury upon insertion.

What Is The Best Coffee For A Coffee Enema?

There are many brands of “enema coffee” and even “organic enema coffee” on the market. NO matter which one you choose, be sure your selection is certified organic, high in cafestol and palmitic acid, and air roaster rather than roasted in a drum. Some coffees are even marked as accepted by the Gerson Institute.

Two brands that I recommend are Purelife and Bulletproof.

Purelife Enema Coffee – Organic Ultra Light”Gold” Air Roast

Purelife is a 100% USDA Certified Organic, Ultra Light Gold Roast, Highest Caffeine and Palmitic Acid content available. It’s enema-specific, which means it is the cleanest, most effective coffee made specifically for use in an enema. It’s also a non-staining formula that makes it perfect for beginners. Purelife contains only “Specialty Grade” mold & fungus free beans which you can’t find in any other ultralight roast. Get more information and buy now on organic enema coffee can help increase the chance of seeing coffee enema benefits.

  • 100% Organic by TWO separate agencies
  • Roasted in a GMP facility with no soy, nuts, or wheat.
  • Air roasted in order to separate chaff
  • An American company offering USA made coffee enema kits, and glass enema kits as well.

This top review on Amazon states that she noticed a difference in her Lyme disease, parasites, celiac, and mold toxicity after using this coffee for coffee enemas. Other buyers agreed that this product stimulated their gallbladder and was very effective and removing the toxins. Of course, there are other organic enema coffee options, but this one is definitely a cult favorite. That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Purelife Enema Coffee. Get further details and buy now on

Bulletproof Luminate Clean Coffee

Another option for coffee enema products is Bulletproof Clean Coffee. This is not an enema-specific coffee, and holds the same purity standards, but is marketed as a pure, organic coffee. Get more information and buy now on

Luminate Clean Coffee is good to use for coffee enemas.

  • Hand-picked organic beans
  • Lightly roasted in small batches
  • Proprietary lab testing to ensure that each batch meets quality and purity standards.

For many users, this coffee wins over other brands that do not ensure clean processes, one reviewer even had physical symptoms of a mold infection, which was cleared up by switching the coffee she used to this one.

There were a few reviews that they didn’t like the flavor, but since we’re not using it for that purpose, I’ll choose this one for its guaranteed clean ingredients. For a clean, organic coffee for an enema, this one is a clear choice. Get further details and buy now on

What’s The Best Coffee Enema Supplies To Buy?

As listed above, you’ll need an enema bucket, stainless steel is recommended due to its non-toxicity and ability to be sterilized and cleaned. You also want to ensure it has medical-grade tubing and a colon tube, or enema catheter, or rectal catheter to get a better cleansing. You can get everything you need in one convenient kit.

Medisential Enema Kit

This reusable enema kit comes with everything you need to get an effective coffee enema.

Get more information and buy now on Medisential Enema Kit is a great tool to reap the many coffee enema benefits.

  • Comfortable and easy to use with super soft enema tips
  • Non-toxic, odorless materials that are safe to use.
  • Full instruction guide to take the guesswork out for beginners.
  • Comes with two buckets with lids, tubing, enema bulb, and washable tips.
  • #304 Grade Stainless Steel

Almost 300 reviewers gave this product 4.5 stars. Many reviewers say they bought this after they switched from plastic buckets to this one and noticed a difference in having a cleaner and more effective cleanse. With hundreds of rave reviews, the Medisential kit is a simple choice. Clearly, this Amazon Choice product is easy to recommend as a full enema kit for any users. Get further details and buy now on

The Bottom Line

Coffee is one of the most popular and widely consumed beverages worldwide due to its stimulating effects on the central nervous system as well as its taste and aroma. Turns out, it can be used in more than one direction. Consider changing the way you take your coffee to take advantage of coffee enema benefits and enjoy a whole new cup of joe.