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Treat your thyroid with natural herbs.Herbs for thyroid has become one of the most popular search terms on the internet. People are looking for natural alternatives to thyroid hormone replacement or anti-thyroid treatment.

Are you among the 20 million Americans who suffer from some type of thyroid condition? Are you looking for a way to support and heal your thyroid – naturally? Or perhaps you want to prevent disease by supporting thyroid health?

Before I give you the list of herbs for thyroid, keep in mind that if you suffer from thyroid disease, herbs alone might not restore your thyroid health. And also the herbal treatment effects they have on one type of thyroid disease are not likely to be the same for all types of thyroid disease.

Not sure about which herbs to start with? Then I suggest understanding how your thyroid measures up first with a quick and easy at-home thyroid test today!

Two Most Common Thyroid Problems

Two of the most common thyroid problems are:

An overactive thyroid is a condition that occurs when your thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones more than your body needs. The common cause of overactive or hypothyroidism is caused by the autoimmune condition Graves’ disease.

Underactive or hypothyroidism is a condition when your pituitary gland produces too much Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) in an effort to stimulate your thyroid gland to increase the production of T3 and T4.

Whatever may be your case, adding natural herbs for thyroid can work wonders for your overall thyroid health. But understand that herbs that work for an overactive thyroid might not work for underactive thyroid.

3 Best Herbs for Hyperthyroidism

As mentioned above, not all herbs work for every thyroid problem. Having said that, these 3 herbs are best to use if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism.

  1. Bugleweed

If you have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism caused by Graves’ disease, Beuglweed is the best herb for your overactive thyroid. These herbs for thyroid won’t cure your hyperthyroid condition completely but they can help you manage the symptoms in a great way.

How does Bugleweed work?

Bugleweed is known as a natural antithyroid herb because a recent clinical study shows that it can restrain the production of T4. When the production of T4 is hinder, the conversion of T4 to T3 is automatically reduced. Which restricts the production of T3 and T4 altogether.

In addition to taking Bugleweed, you should also eat well, manage your stress, and should add other supplements and herbs for thyroid as part of your natural treatment protocol.

  1. Motherwort

Motherwort is another great herb for hyperthyroid. Similar to Bugleweed, these herbs for thyroid also work best when it comes to managing and dealing with hypothyroid symptoms.

How Does Motherwort Work?

Motherwort works magically to help maintain and manage hyperthyroidism symptoms such as tachycardia (high heart rate), and palpitations. If you are using Propranolol as a beta-blocker for your hypothyroid and looking for a natural method to replace it. Motherwort may be the best option.

  1. Lemon Balm

Let’s not forget Lemon Balm, as it is a magical herb for thyroid, particularly for hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. If you want to manage your hypothyroid symptoms, adding this herb to your regimen will do wonders.

What Does Lemon Balm Do?

Just like Motherwort, the Lemon balm also has numerous functions. The main function is it inhibits TSH, which in turn helps to reduce the excessive secretion of T4 and T3. Another best thing about Lemon balm is it boosts your immunity and helps in body detoxification.

Lemon balm, a magical herbs for thyroid.

These 3 herbs are great for hyperthyroid but it is recommended that you use one at a time. Combining all the herbs into one regiment may cause fluctuation to your thyroid hormones and overall body system. It’s best to consult a doctor before you add any of these herbs to your daily regimen.

5 Herbs Which Can Help With Hypothyroidism

We talk about herbs for overactive thyroid. Now, let’s dig deeper into herbs for underactive thyroid. Before you read any further, understand that herbs for hypothyroidism if used for hyperthyroidism might be problematic.

  1. Gotu Kola

Gotu kola or Centella Asiatica(scientific name) is an adaptogenic herb that helps to support brain health, nerves, and mood. If you are looking to work on your hypothyroidism symptoms, this herb is one of the best herbs for thyroid that you should go for.

How does it help?

If you are experiencing hypothyroid symptoms like brain fog and cognitive problems, Gotu kola can be your best friend.

  1. Mushroom 

Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom that belongs to a family of Ganodermataceae, which include about 80 mushroom species. Ganoderma is different from other mushrooms and can be differentiated easily because they have a double-walled basidiospore.

How does it work?

This family of mushrooms is an adaptogenic herb that is commonly seen in hypothyroid formulas. Using this herb can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol.

  1. Caterpillar Fungus

Have of heard of the herb Yarsha Gumba? I am sure most of you haven’t. This herb is one of the costliest herb export from Nepal. It is known as caterpillar fungus because it is formed from a dead caterpillar. It is an entomopathogenic fungus in the family Ophiocordycipitaceae.

How does it work for Hypothyroid?

Cordyceps Sinensis is a wonderful adaptogenic herb that is often found in hypothyroid formulas. This herb can be best used for extremely fatigued patients. In addition, it also helps with insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular health.

  1. Licorice

Licorice is a common name of Glycyrrhiza glabra which belongs to the bean family Fabaceae. This herb is an all-rounder herb that not only works for the thyroid but for overall health.

How does it work?

Licorice work best to improve cortisol levels. When the thyroid is stressed it can hamper your adrenal glands which produce cortisol. If you see a sign of fatigue after the hypothyroid treatment, it might be because of your adrenals. Licorice can help ease and improve your adrenal glands. In addition, it also improves your cognitive functions.

Improve cortisol levels and thyroid with Licorice.

  1. Black cumin

Black cumin, also known as Nigella Sativa is an annual flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae. In the Arab world, this plant is term as the seed of blessing because it helps to improve indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dropsy, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhea, and treatment of worms and skin eruptions.

How does it work for hypothyroid?

Black cumin is one of the best herbs for thyroid that can be used for autoimmune hypothyroid conditions such as inflammation, weight gain, and TSH/T3 levels. Unlike the previous herbs, this is generally prescribed in a capsule instead of as a tincture.

These herbs are among the best herbs for underactive thyroid. But precaution should be taken while using this herb. Make sure to consult your doctor before you make use of any of these herbs.

Herbs for Overall Thyroid Health

For this section, we all be focusing on herbs for overall thyroid health. Adding this herb to your daily diet might drastically improve your overall thyroid health. Here are 9 herbs for thyroid that we can’t ignore.

  • Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosis)

In the history of herbs for thyroid, Bladderwrack has constantly managed to make it place to the top. Hypothyroidism, most of the time is caused by iodine deficiency, and iodine is what bladderwrack gives you.

Bladderwrack also helps in overall health by helping to maintain healthy body weight, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support the immune system.

Having said all the benefits, you should keep in the mind the dosage intake of this herb. The recommended dosage is between 150 to 300 mcg. Taking excess bladderwrack can suppress your thyroid function.

  • Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Ashwagandha is best known for its stress-relieving properties. If you experiencing stress, fatigue, and brain fog caused by thyroid problems, these adaptogenic herbs for thyroid can help you relieve the symptoms.

Brew it as a tea (either in water or milk), take it as a tincture (make your own!), or consume it in capsule form. My favorite is the capsule form by HUM.

  • Coleus (Coleus Forskohlii)

Coleus belongs to a mint family which contains a compound called forskolin. This compound is best when it comes to stimulating the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormones.

If you are looking for mint-flavored herbs for thyroid, Coleus Forskohlii can be your best friend. Coleus is usually taken in tincture or capsule form.

  • Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is one of the best herbs for thyroid because this herb has positive effects on both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. Bacopa Monnieri can increase levels of T4 and can be an effective treatment for goiter (enlarged thyroid gland).

  • Holy Basil 

Holy basil is one of the most popular plants that you will find in almost every house in India. Its consider being sacred as per Hindu mythology.

This herb is becoming popular among meditation practitioners because it is shown to be effective in balancing mind, body, and spirit. When it comes to treating thyroid symptoms, this herb works as a natural adaptogenic which helps to control and reduce chronically high cortisol caused by ongoing stress.

Holy Basil, a natural adaptogenic herbs for thyroid.

  • Nettle 

Similar to holy basil, nettle is also considered to be one of the best herbs for thyroid because it works best for both overactive and underactive thyroid and overall thyroid health.

Nettle helps to turn around iodine deficiency particularly for underactive thyroid. And other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, and selenium help to keep overall thyroid health healthy.

  • Piperine (Black Pepper Extract)

The piperine contained in black pepper is an active ingredient that helps to improve T3 and T4, testosterone, and iodine. Piperine has also been shown to decrease adipogenesis by inhibiting the relevant transcription factors and also increases distal circulation by calcium channel blockade.

  • Bauhinia Purpurea

Bauhinia Purpurea is another magical herb for thyroid. This plays a significant role in increasing triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). In addition, it also helps to enhance the secretion of antioxidants, enzymes, inhibiting oxidative stress and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng)

Eleuthero is also known as Siberian ginseng because it has similar properties to Panax ginseng. This herb helps to maintain overall body balance by lowering over-reactivity of the HPO axis, help manage stress, and prevent the excess production of adrenaline and cortisol hormones.

Antioxidants and Inflammation Reducer for Thyroid

All the herbs mentioned above are best for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and overall thyroid health. If we take a close look at thyroid problems, inflammation is one of the major causes of thyroid issues.

These three herbs for thyroid are among the most underrated herbs but it works magically if used in proper quality and under health practitioner advice.

  • Tumeric: Tumeric is known as the holy powder and spice of life in India. The reason why turmeric is considered sacred is that it has been used for centuries to help to fight inflammation and due to its high antioxidant levels it helps to reduce the attack of the immune system on the thyroid.
  • Ginger: Everybody knows that ginger is one of the most inexpensive and one of the best herbs for thyroid. But still, it’s one of the most underrated herbs. Ginger can be helpful to stabilize the thyroid gland and reduce the risk of Hashimoto’s and Grave’s thyroid condition. Try adding more ginger to your salads and take the most benefit out of it.
  • Guggul: Guggul is another magical herb for thyroid, produced from the resin of the flowering Mukul Myrrh Tree. This herb contains plant sterol that helps to balance hormones, stimulate thyroid function and promote the conversion of T4 to T3.

My favorite thyroid support supplement includes all of these herbs to help reduce inflammation and help balance your thyroid. Click the picture below to learn more.

FAQ About Thyroid Herbs 

  • Can the thyroid be cured permanently by Ayurveda Herbs?
    • Ayurvedic herbs can be used alongside standard treatments to help you manage your thyroid disorder. But it isn’t meant to be a replacement for standard treatments, as there’s limited research backing its effectiveness. But it can be a complementary treatment option. Don’t discontinue standard treatments.
  • How long does it take for natural thyroid medication to work?
    • You should start to feel better a few days after you begin taking medicine. But it may take a few months for your thyroid hormone levels to get back to normal. If your levels get better, but you still have symptoms like fatigue and weight gain, your doctor may need to change your treatment.
  • Other than herbs, what plants are good for the thyroid?
    • Berries (such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants, elderberries, goji berries, and gooseberries) are all extremely important for your thyroid health! Berries have a high amount of antioxidants which help the thyroid process iodine in the body.

Which Of These Herbs Should You Take?

So, which herbs for thyroid should you take? Well, it depends on your thyroid health. If you looking for overall thyroid health support Bladderwrack or Ashwagandha could be the best choice.

Or if you are looking for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism herbs, Bugleweed can be the best starter herb for overactive thyroid and Gotu Kola for underactive thyroid.

In fact, it doesn’t matter which herb you start with, each herb has its own advantages and benefits. But make sure to use one herb at a time. Using two or three herbs together might lead to more problems. And always take advice from a health practitioner before you start taking any herb.

I am not a big fan of people taking drugs for a prolonged period of time for symptom management. When you can control and manage thyroid symptoms with the help of herbs why take a prescription drug. There are so many natural herbs for thyroid that you can try.

Have you taken any of these herbs for thyroid support? If yes, please comment in the comment section and share your experience on how did it work for you.