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Thyroid test at homeTechnology is making consumers more tech-savvy than ever, they are taking their health into their own hands – and I think that’s a good thing. With the help of technology, people can now use home test kits to test diseases. If you are a thyroid patient, you can do a thyroid test at home.

Testing for health issues has become easier than ever. They are also often cheaper than in-office visits and can help uncover any health concerns on your own time.

Talking about the thyroid test at home. I find the EverlyWell thyroid test kit to be one of the best kits in the market. This thyroid test kit helps you measure key hormone levels in your blood, specifically TSH, T4, TSH, and TPO, to determine proper thyroid function.

These results will help to determine if you have normal levels, an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), an overactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), or another thyroid disorder.

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Why is Healthy Thyroid Function Important?

The thyroid is one important gland in our body. This gland produces two major hormones – thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). It’s important that the thyroid gland keeps producing the hormones in balance.

It’s important that you check and keep your thyroid function healthy. You can use the EverlyWell thyroid test at home to check if your thyroid is functioning smoothly.

The reason why healthy thyroid function is important is that the thyroid hormones help to regulate many crucial bodily functions such as heart rate, body weight, muscle strength, breathing, body temperature, bone loss, blood lipid levels, menstrual cycles, CNS (central nervous system) and energy expenditure.

Apart from all the important functions. The points mentioned below are the crucial function of the thyroid.

  • Iodine Factor: Iodine is an essential ingredient that our body needs for it to function properly. A healthy thyroid gland can pick up iodine from your bloodstream effortlessly. For that reason it’s important you do a thyroid test at home or at the clinic once in a while.
  • T4 Production: The thyroid gland produces about 80 to 100 micrograms of T4 per day. And our body needs roughly 10 times that amount of T4, about 1000 mcg. You get this amount of T4 to your body only if you have healthy thyroid function.
  • T4 Conversion Process: From 1000 mcg about 10% is degraded each day. Out of 10 Percent, 5% is converted to T3. Now if you don’t have a healthy thyroid function, the conversion process either slows down or stops working altogether causing your body to function abnormally. So it’s always advised that you take a thyroid test at home once every 6 months.
  • T3 Production: 80% of your T3 is produced from T4 within your tissues, particularly by your kidneys, liver, muscle, brain, and skin. Most of our major body parts need T3 for smooth functioning. When your thyroid doesn’t function properly, it starts lacking T4 which in turn hampers the production of T3.

EverlyWell- Thyroid test at home kit.

Common Thyroid Disorders

Two of  the most common problem caused by thyroid disorders are:

  • Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism or hypothyroid is a condition when your thyroid gland can’t provide enough hormones to your body. When you lack this hormone you start experiencing hypothyroidism symptoms such as fatigue, feeling cold, constipation, and weight gain.

You can use the EverlyWell thyroid test at home to diagnose hypothyroidism. The main test that you will be using with this kit is the Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test. TSH is produced and released by the pituitary gland, rises when it detects low levels of thyroid hormone.

  • Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition when your thyroid gland – a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck—produces too much thyroid hormone.

The most common cause of hyperthyroid is Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease is a condition when the immune system produces antibodies that overstimulate the thyroid gland, causing excessive thyroid hormone production.

Some common symptoms of hyperthyroidism are increased metabolism, weight loss, sweating, and a fast heart rate. It is usually less common for women versus an underactive thyroid.

Both hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism could cause serious health issues if not taken in time. Take a wise decision by taking up a thyroid test at home with the EverlyWell thyroid test kit.

6 Signs It May Be Time to Get Thyroid Testing

How do you know that you need an EverlyWell Thyroid Test at Home? The rule of thumb is, it doesn’t matter how healthy you are, you should go for periodic health check-ups once every six months. The same rule of thumb applies to thyroid tests too.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing any symptoms given below. It’s high time that you need to get thyroid testing.

  • Weight Gain or Loss: Weight gain and loss are some of the early symptoms of thyroid disorder. Low thyroid function causes rapid weight gain, alternatively, when you have low thyroid function you lose weight rapidly.
  • Swelling in the Neck: Swelling neck may be the result of extreme thyroid disorders such as goiters, thyroid nodules, or even thyroid cancer. Neck swelling or enlargement is not only a symptom, they are the most common sign of thyroid problems. If you notice a bulge in your neck, order right away the EverlyWell thyroid test at home kit or visit your doctor.
  • Changes in Heart Rate: An excessive heart rate can be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. If a heart rate is anywhere between 60 and 100 it’s considered normal. However, if you find that your heart rate is frequently over 80 beats per minute, it is worth taking a thyroid test at home.
  • Change in Energy or Mood: One of the major functions of thyroid hormones is to generate and distribute energy to the body. If you are experiencing random tiredness and sluggishness, there is a huge probability that you are stuffing from hypothyroid.
  • Hair Loss: Hair loss is another sign that you need a thyroid test at home. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause hair to fall out. In most cases, the hair will grow back once the thyroid disorder is treated.
  • Feeling Too Cold or Hot: Feeling chilled or overheated is normal but if you are always feeling cold or notice that your hands and feet become particularly chilled when uncovered, you may be experiencing a symptom of hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism tends to have the opposite effect, causing excessive sweating and an aversion to heat.

These are the 6 common signs and symptoms that you need a thyroid test immediately. You don’t have to visit a hospital or clinic to do the test. An EverlyWell thyroid test at home kit will do the work equivalent to a hospital test.

What Do At-Home Thyroid Tests Measure?

Again it depends on the company and the types of kits they are providing. Some thyroid tests at home kit only provide TSH tests, while some provide antibody tests and some give you multiple testing options.

  1. Thyroxine (T4): A T4 test measures the blood level of the hormone T4, also known as thyroxine, which is produced by the thyroid gland.
  2. Triiodothyronine (T3): This test measures the level of triiodothyronine (T3) in your blood.
  3. Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO): Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) is an enzyme normally found in the thyroid gland. TPO plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones. A TPO test detects antibodies against TPO in the blood.
  4. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): A TSH test is a blood test that measures the TSH hormone. When thyroid levels in your body are low, the pituitary gland makes more TSH. When thyroid levels are high, the pituitary gland makes less TSH. TSH levels that are too high or too low can indicate your thyroid isn’t working correctly.

These are the 4 types of blood tests most thyroid tests at home kit measures.

Who Should Order a Thyroid Test?

A thyroid test at home might not be as reliable as a clinical test but it’s worth the money. When you can diagnose your thyroid under $100 why burn your money?

So the question boils down to, who should order a thyroid test at home kit?

  • Women should order thyroid test kit because women are 5-8 times more likely to have thyroid problems, with one in eight women developing thyroid disease during her lifetime.
  • Type 1 diabetics and those with other autoimmune disorders.
  • New mothers.
  • Women who are looking to get pregnant.
  • People who smoke.
  • Those with a family history of thyroid disorders.
  • People who have symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Since thyroid issues are quite common, periodic testing is a very good idea regardless of whether you are experiencing any symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

Which is the Best At-Home Thyroid Test Kit?

So far EverlyWell is considered the best kit for thyroid tests at home because it tests the four primary thyroid biomarkers. 

  1. Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
  2. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies
  3. Free T3
  4. Free T4

How does EverlyWell Work?

The process of EverlyWell is simple and easy to go. All you have to do is,

  1. Register Your Kit: Once your test kit arrives, you register it at using the unique ID number included in your box.
  2. Collect Your Sample at Home: You collect your sample at the comfort of your home and mail it to a certified lab with prepaid shipping.
  3. Receive results in days on your device: Within days you’ll receive physician-reviewed digital results and useful insights on our secure platform. The results are easy to understand, personalized, and actionable.

Are At-Home Thyroid Tests Reliable? 

The short answer is, kinda. The technology behind home-based tests is always evolving and improving. No lab test is 100% accurate, but knowledge really is power. Nothing is 100% perfect, but these tests are here to help you diagnose an issue for yourself right when you start to feel any different than normal.

The best part about at-home thyroid tests or any tests is that they are just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding your health. My recommendation is to take a test and see what it says. If it says nothing is wrong, but you feel different, then consult your physician. If something does pop up then now you have the ability to start taking action to correct your health!

How Much Does an At-Home Thyroid Test Cost?

The cost of a thyroid test at home kit cost depends on various criteria such as accuracy, speed, customer service/customer reviews, clear information presentation on the website, and clear instructions for collection, shipment, and kit registration.

You should also understand that at-home testing companies have their own protocol. You can’t expect the same customer service from every company. The price also differs from company to company.

Most tests will cost between $100-300 and luckily Everlywell’s at-home thyroid test kit is on the low side of that range. Check here for current pricing. EverlyWell also has a membership program that can give you a discount of up to 75%!

Home Thyroid Test FAQs 

  • How do I know if my thyroid is normal?
    • The TSH test measures the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone in your blood. The TSH has a normal test range between 0.4 and 4.0 milli-international units of hormone per liter of blood (mIU/L). If you show signs of hypothyroidism and have a TSH reading above 2.0 mIU/L, you’re at risk for progressing to hypothyroidism.
  • How does a blood test for hyperthyroidism work?
    • A blood test for hyperthyroidism evaluates your levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Because TSH signals the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones, unusually low levels of TSH can mean that your thyroid is making too many hormones. T3 and T4 measurements can also reveal just how high your thyroid hormone levels are, which can help your healthcare provider decide on a treatment strategy.
  • What guidance will I get along with my EverlyWell results?
    • EverlyWell will provide detailed information on what a high or low level of TPO, free T4, free T3, or TSH means for your health.

Looking for a Place To Order? 

A thyroid test at home is a great way to check and monitor how your thyroid is functioning and if there is a concern you should address.

The thyroid system is important to our everyday functioning, it’s crucial to properly diagnose and treat any problems that occur. If you have symptoms of either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, be sure to do a thyroid test at home or tell your doctor.